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Note: Before starting with the main content, we want to tell you that never respond to fake job offerings from third parties. If in any way you fell into their trap, then mishtiBies will not be responsible for the consequences.

We are delighted to realize you have spent some time learning more about us. So, let us introduce ourselves to you so we can flourish together and become part of our tech-savvy mission.

Pay close attention to what we have mentioned in the below sections. You will get a deep insight into our work culture, how we work, our core values and much more. Once you have a thorough idea, you can contact us for advertising or work with us. If you are the right fit for any open positions, reach out, and our talented team will get back to you with further information.

How Do We Work at mishtiBies?

Every member of our team is an asset to us. We are a tech blog company looking to build a name for themselves in the technical niche. All the team members or the freelancers working with us know how we stand by our values. We promote complete transparency in communication and work.

The work culture at our premises is what every employee expects as we acknowledge each team member, so they never hesitate while sharing their ideas or showcasing their creativity.

We firmly believe that every one of us has a creative mind, and to us, team members’ thoughts matter.

Together, every one of us strives to create a platform that caters to every tech enthusiast’s requirements. We promote products which align with our niche and work on making others aware of it.

At mishtiBies, kindness runs in our blood. We all are amiable with each other. We aim to establish a work environment which is positive, uplifting, supportive, inclusive and focused on delivering the best.

We are flexible when it comes to working. We hate micromanaging. If we assign any team members a task, we fully trust their abilities. We don’t push them to follow a fixed schedule or keep pinging us repeatedly to give updates. It’s one of the best perks of working with us.

We love going out together after leaving work aside for a while. Along with working, a little fun is also mandatory. Otherwise, things become boring pretty soon.

Open Positions For You

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We are All About Promoting Equality, Diversity and Technology at mishtiBies

We are in the tech industry, and we know how things technology keeps changing. So the things that were trending around a year back might not be in trend now. At mishtiBies, we love to share with you what’s happening in the tech world and which tech products are worth giving a shot at.

We warmly welcome the suggestions you have for us or something you would like us to cover. We invite you to participate or collaborate to make this website the best on the internet. Along with building the best tech blog for all, we also adhere to the set standards. Without compromising anything, we render the information and serve our audience.

Through your dedicated support and our constant hard work, we are here. While sharing product reviews related blogs, we always conduct thorough research and use them. We will never suggest anything which is not good or doesn’t give any returns in future. If you want to know more about mishtiBies, look at our About Us Page.

So What Next!!

If you have read till here, that certainly means you are interested in what we do. After learning about us, you can drop us an email (check our contact us page) if you wish to work with us in any way. We would love to hear from you.

Also, if you feel your skillset aligns with our open positions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If we have something for you, we will revert for sure. Meanwhile, have a look at our homepage to see what’s happening in the technological space.

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