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No non-verbal, verbal, or written information given by mishtiBies or any of its related affiliates, directors, employees, freelancers, agents, or the like will create a warranty. Price and availability are destined to change without giving any prior notice. Without limiting the proceeding, mishtiBies doesn’t issue the warrant that the mishtiBies services will be uncorrupted, timely, uninterrupted and error-free.

Affiliate Disclosure

We have added several affiliate links to the website, and this section talks about them. In addition, we will address how we use those affiliate links from other companies or websites in this section. These “affiliate links” are specific URLs containing the particular affiliate program, product ID, or username.

While adhering to the FTC guidelines, please take into consideration the following about links and posts mentioned on the website:

  • For any or all the links given on mishtiBies, specifically the affiliate links, we receive a small ratio or commission from the sales of certain products or services made using those links, but the price remains the same for you. As mishtiBies is growing at a rapid pace, the costs of maintaining the website have also increased to a great extent, and affiliate links help us keep the website running by generating revenue.
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  • Unless otherwise noted, all the product reviews shared on our site are of items we have used, and we are not at all getting paid or compensated for them in any way.
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Educational Disclosure

Always remember that any information given on the mishtiBies website is truly for education purposes only and must not be interpreted as a solid suggestion or recommendation for a specific issue. We are a tech blogging website that excels in catering to the requirements of tech enthusiasts. For more information, have a look at the general disclaimer.

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Also, understand the third-party ads and links that take you to other sites where several goods or services are displayed as ads are not at all any endorsements or recommendations by mishtiBies of the third party or external sites, services or goods. We hold no accountability under such circumstances. We are not liable for any content of the ads shown on the site or promises made, or the quality/reliability of the products rendered in all those ads.

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