How Do I Change On My Apple Watch Keyboard?

apple watch keyboard

Apple Watch is a powerful and versatile device that can do much more than just tell the time. One of its features is the ability to type messages directly from your wrist. However, you might find the default keyboard on Apple Watch a bit limiting or simply want to try a different one. Changing the keyboard on your Apple Watch is a simple process, and in this guide, we will show you how to do it step by step.

Why Change the Apple Watch Keyboard?

Before we dive into the steps, let’s discuss why you might want to change the keyboard on your Apple Watch. Here are some reasons:

      1. Improved Typing Experience: Different keyboards can offer various layouts and typing experiences, which might be more comfortable for you.

      1. Language Support: If you communicate in multiple languages, changing the keyboard can make typing in those languages easier.

      1. Personal Preferences: You might prefer a different keyboard design or functionality that better suits your needs.

      1. Accessibility: Some keyboards are designed with accessibility in mind, making them easier to use for people with disabilities.

    The Different Apple Watch Keyboard Options

    Apple Watch comes with a built-in keyboard, but there are also third-party keyboard apps available on the App Store. These third-party keyboards can offer additional features and customization options that the default keyboard does not provide.

    1. Default Keyboard on Apple Watch

    The default keyboard on the Apple Watch is straightforward and designed for quick text input. It includes:

        • QuickPath: A swipe-based typing method.

        • Dictation: Convert spoken words into text.

        • Emoji and Scribble: Additional ways to input text without typing.

      2. Third-Party Keyboards

      There are several third-party keyboards available for Apple Watch, such as FlickType and Wristboard. These keyboards often come with extra features like:


          • Enhanced Predictive Text: Better suggestions and auto-correct.

          • Customizable Layouts: Adjust the keyboard layout to your liking.

          • Additional Languages: Support for more languages.


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        Steps to Change the Apple Watch Keyboard

        1. Accessing Keyboard Settings

         To begin altering your keyboard settings, you first need to open the Settings app directly on your Apple Watch. Choose ‘Keyboard’ after tapping on ‘General’ after scrolling down. Here, you can manage keyboard settings, including text replacement, language settings, smart replies, and more.

        2. Choosing a Keyboard Layout

        If you prefer a different layout or need to add another language, the Apple Watch allows you to customize this under ‘Keyboards’ in the same Keyboard settings menu. You can add multiple languages and switch between them depending on your preference or need.

        3. Enabling Smart Replies

        Smart replies are predefined responses that you can quickly send without typing. In the Keyboard settings, you can customize these replies to suit the common messages you send. This feature is particularly useful for sending quick responses when you’re on the go.

        4. Using Third-Party Apps

         For those looking for more extensive customization, third-party apps can offer alternative keyboards. Apps like FlickType Keyboard or Wristboard provide different keyboard layouts and input methods designed specifically for the Apple Watch. These can be downloaded from the App Store and installed directly onto your Apple Watch.

        Now, let’s get into the steps to change the keyboard on your Apple Watch.

            1.  Update Your Apple Watch and iPhone

          First, ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are updated to the latest software versions. This will ensure compatibility with the latest keyboard apps.

              • Update Apple Watch: Go to the Watch app on your iPhone > General > Software Update.

              • Update iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

                1. Download a Third-Party Keyboard App

              Next, you need to download a third-party keyboard app from the App Store. Here’s how:

                  • Launch the App Store: Go to the App Store on your iPhone. 

                  • Search for Keyboard Apps: Use the search bar to find keyboard apps for Apple Watch. Some popular ones include FlickType and Wristboard.

                  • Download and Install: Select the keyboard app you prefer and download it. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

                    1. Set Up the Keyboard App on Your iPhone

                  After installing the keyboard app, you need to set it up on your iPhone.

                      • Open the Keyboard App: Launch the keyboard app on your iPhone.

                      • Follow Setup Instructions: The app will guide you through the setup process. Usually, this involves setting up configurations and authorizing permissions.

                        1. Enable the Keyboard on the Apple Watch

                      Now, it’s time to enable the new keyboard on your Apple Watch.

                          • Open the Watch App: On your iPhone, open the Watch app.

                          • Go to My Watch: Tap on the “My Watch” tab at the bottom.

                          • Scroll to Installed on Apple Watch: Scroll down to the “Installed on Apple Watch” section.

                          • Select the Keyboard App: Find the keyboard app you installed and tap on it.

                          • Toggle On: Enable the keyboard by toggling the switch next to the app.

                            1. Use the New Keyboard on the Apple Watch

                          With the new keyboard enabled, you can now start using it on your Apple Watch.

                              • Open a Messaging App: Open any app that requires typing, such as Messages or Mail.

                              • Activate the Keyboard: The new keyboard should automatically appear. If not, you might need to select it manually from the input options.

                              • Start Typing: Use the new keyboard to type your messages. Explore its features and see how it improves your typing experience.

                            5. Dictation and Scribble:

                            Don’t forget that the Apple Watch also supports dictation and Scribble. Dictation allows you to speak into the watch, converting your words into text, while Scribble lets you draw letters on the screen, which the watch converts into text. Both are excellent alternatives for quick messaging.

                            6. Adjusting Keyboard Settings on Your iPhone:

                            For some settings, it might be easier to adjust your keyboard preferences through the Watch app on your iPhone. Open the Watch app, tap on ‘My Watch’, go to ‘General’, then ‘Keyboard’. Here, you can manage all settings related to the keyboard Apple watch and even reset the dictionary if needed.

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                            Tips for Using a New Keyboard on Apple Watch

                            Here are some tips to get the most out of your new keyboard on Apple Watch:

                                1. Practice Makes Perfect: It might take some time to get used to the new keyboard. Practice typing to become more comfortable with it.

                                1. Explore Settings: Check the app’s settings for customization options. You might be able to adjust the keyboard layout, change themes, or enable additional features.

                                1. Use Dictation and Scribble: Don’t forget that you can still use dictation and scribble in combination with your new keyboard for a more versatile typing experience.

                                1. Keep the App Updated: Regularly update the keyboard app to access new features and improvements.

                              Maximizing the Use of Your New Keyboard

                              Now that you have your new keyboard installed and ready to use, here are some additional tips to make the most out of it:

                                  1. Customization: Many third-party keyboards offer extensive customization options. Take the time to explore these settings and adjust the keyboard to your preferences. You can often change the theme, adjust the key size, and configure shortcuts to improve your typing speed.

                                  1. Practice Regularly: Switching to a new keyboard can take some getting used to. Practice typing regularly to become more familiar with the new layout and features. The more you use it, the faster and more accurate you’ll become.

                                  1. Use Predictive Text and Auto-Correct: Predictive text and auto-correct features can significantly speed up your typing. These features suggest words as you type and correct common spelling errors automatically. Make sure these options are enabled in your keyboard settings.

                                  1. Combine with Other Input Methods: Don’t forget that you can use your new keyboard in conjunction with other input methods like dictation and scribble. This combination can make typing more efficient, especially for longer messages.

                                  1. Stay Updated: Keep your keyboard app updated to benefit from the latest features and improvements. Developers frequently release updates that enhance performance, add new languages, and introduce new functionalities.

                                Troubleshooting Common Issues

                                While using a third-party keyboard on your Apple Watch is generally smooth, you might encounter some issues. Here are solutions to common problems:

                                1. Keyboard Not Appearing: If your new keyboard doesn’t appear when you try to type, make sure it’s enabled in the Watch app on your iPhone. You can also try restarting your Apple Watch and iPhone.

                                2. Performance Issues: If you experience lag or other performance issues, ensure that both your Apple Watch and iPhone are updated to the latest software versions. Reinstalling the keyboard app can also help resolve performance problems.

                                3. Compatibility Issues: Not all third-party keyboards are compatible with every app. If you find that your keyboard doesn’t work in a specific app, check the app’s compatibility information or try using another keyboard.

                                4. Language Support: If your preferred language isn’t supported by the keyboard, check if there are additional language packs available within the app. You can also contact the app’s support team to inquire about future language support.

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                                Changing the keyboard on your Apple Watch can enhance your typing experience, provide better language support, and allow for more personalization. Whether you stick with the default keyboard or explore third-party options, you now know how to make the switch and enjoy a more customized Apple Watch experience.

                                By following these steps and tips, you can easily change and enjoy different keyboards on your Apple Watch. Remember, the right keyboard can make a big difference in how you interact with your watch, making communication smoother and more efficient. So, go ahead and try out different options to find the perfect keyboard for your Apple Watch!  Happy typing!


                                Frequently Asked Question

                                Yes, you can switch back to the default keyboard at any time. Simply disable the third-party keyboard in the Watch app on your iPhone.

                                Most third-party keyboards from reputable developers are safe to use. However, always download apps from trusted sources and check reviews before installing them.

                                Not all third-party keyboards support every language. Check the app description on the App Store to see if your preferred languages are supported.

                                Using a third-party keyboard should not significantly affect your Apple Watch’s performance. However, if you notice any issues, try restarting your watch or reinstalling the keyboard app.

                                Yes, you can have multiple keyboards installed and switch between them as needed. Manage your keyboards in the Watch app on your iPhone.