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If you are looking for a platform to advertise and reach an audience interested in what you offer, then you are at the Right Place. We excel at connecting you with an audience full of tech enthusiasts. Our blog visitors are highly educated, tech-savvy and love to try out different tech products.

Why Advertise With mishtiBies?

Advertising with us opens doors for you to a world of opportunities. Also, who doesn’t like to get more eyeballs on what you present? Everyone does, right? And mishtiBies is here to give you that platform. You need not follow hard and fast rules to advertise with us. We have kept things simple for you and us.

Advertise With mishtiBies

The decision that you have made is all in your favor. At mishtiBies, we offer different types of advertisements per your preference. It means you get a variety of choices. We have a bunch of ad slots available on our site.

At, you have the option to either show an ad in the sidebar or as a banner. You must have seen such types of ads at several sites as it’s quite prominent. In order to place your brand ad in the sidebar or as a banner, the charges are between XYZ and XYZ. Also, remember that the price you will pay for getting ad space on mishtiBies is non-refundable and non-negotiable.

Different Ways of Advertising at mishtiBies

As you already learnt why mishtiBies could serve as the right ad space, let’s now focus on the different types of ads we offer. To help you decide in a jiffy, below, we have listed the ads and their rates:

1. Guest Posts: Certainly, one of our favorite ad methods and for those who are willing to advertise on our blog. Publishing a guest post on a blog like ours gives traction and recognition. To win a chance to guest post, share the list of topics with us that resonate with our website niche. While sending an email, put a subject as “Looking to Publish a Guest Post”. We will surely get back to you with an appropriate topic selected and other details.

2. Review or Promotional Articles: We accept reviews or promotional articles. This advertisement mode is best for you if you have a website that features different tech products. In order to get the blog published, kindly drop us an email containing details about what review you wish to publish. Also, remember that this post will stay up on our blog for a lifetime and will not be sticky (which means not showing the sidebar or header). The price decided for publishing reviews or promotional blogs is XYZ.

3. Collaboration: We love collaborating with like-minded bloggers. Please drop us an email containing all the details to collaborate with us and put “Looking For Collaboration” as the subject line. Also, we follow no fixed rates for running collaborations. If you can help us excel in any way through collaboration, then that would be a win-win deal for both of us.

How do we proceed with ads?

We usually put dummy text ads or banners on our website to give you a better idea. If you would like to advertise in those dummy spaces, the charges would be as per the chosen advertisement mode.

Important Note: We never allow those sites to show ads on our sites that have obscene, illegal, criminal, gambling or any other form of content which doesn’t align with our niche. If, in any case, you tried to trick us, then legal action will be taken against you, and we will immediately remove the ads without prior notice. Also, kindly remember that none of the ads is refundable, so proceed accordingly.